About Me


Who am I?

Hi my name is Phil Stanton.aerogarden harvest : about me

I am a 50 something looking to show you something I think will be huge in the near future. I am a retired aerospace engineer who now fills his time blogging and growing, both his knowledge and his plants.

I have been involved in the world of hydroponics for about 10 years.

Why Does This Site Exist?


I have started this site to show you about the fascinating world of hydroponics.

Imagine being able to grow a plant anywhere – except completely wall gardenunderwater and in the dark!! ok – some exceptions. But imagine being able to grow a plant on the living room wall. With this site you will be able to use the techniques to determine where and how to grow  your plants.

How Did it Start?

I have always been interested in growing plants but disliked the kneeling, weeding and other jobs you have to carry out in a normal garden.

The passion for hydroponics started when a friend asked me about it one day. Knowing nothing about it I did some research on the web and found that instead of getting dirty in the garden there was another way.

After the research I looked around at the kits available . I couldn’t justify them at the time. I started to build my own simple systems and had great success growing tomatoes and lettuce – imagine eating lettuce you have grown on christmas day !!

Where are we Going on This Journey?

Within this site you will find the basics of what a plant needs to survive.

  • You will find systems made up of easy to find parts.
  • You will find practical knowledge to sort out problems.


Please join me on this journey and browse my other pages, start here