Aerogarden FAQ

I know there are a lot of questions concerning the Aerogardens, so i have gathered a few together and answered them with my experience of the hydroponics units… So here is my version of an Aerogarden FAQ… If your question is not answered then leave me a comment and i will answer it… Is the … Read more

Moistenland hydroponics system update : living with the Moistenland

 This article is a follow on from my recent purchase of the Moistenland hydroponics growing system… This hydroponics unit is an indoor gardening hydropoincs unit, with an automatic timer for the lights, water pump and fan…. It is quite a large unit with the base being 330mm by 240mm (13 inches by 9.5 inches), but … Read more

Moistenland Hydroponics System Review : An Aerogarden Clone Worth Considering?

 An indoor hydroponic garden Do you enjoy cooking with fresh herbs… If you do then you really need to grow your own indoor herb garden in a moistenland hydroponics system… Why do i say this… I have been growing herbs and salad crops for over ten years hydroponically and believe me there is nothing better … Read more

Smart garden 3 low tech maintenance in a high tech solution

If you want to grow herbs indoors then one of the cleanest and best methods is to use hydroponics… The Smart Garden 3  is an ideal way of growing without knowing too much about gardening… What is the click and grow 3 The click and grow 3 is a 3 pod indoor hydroponic system… It … Read more

 What’s the alternative to the Aerogarden? are the others any good…

Are the Aerogarden alternatives any good or is it still the best? Since it’s launch years ago, the aerogarden has been improved to make it easier and easier to use… But over the years there have been other systems playing catchup… Have they overtaken the aerogarden…… Are they better than the aerogarden now and more … Read more

 Using the Aerogarden without pods…can you?

The Aerogarden is a self contained indoor hydroponics gardening system. It includes everything the plant needs to thrive in an almost ideal environment. There is a light hood that is illuminated for about 15 hours a day. There is support for the plant. There is a nutrient rich water that is cycled to the roots where … Read more

Aerogarden led lights : The Good and the Bad

The range of aerogarden hydroponics growing units changed the way they were lit a few years ago… They moved from CFL ( compact flourescent) light bulbs to led’s ( light emitting diode)…   Why would they do that… Well there are several reasons to do it for them…and the plants…and us… For Miracle grow, the … Read more

Help my aerogarden plants are dying

Have you looked at your Aerogarden plants and thought something doesn’t look right, and over the next few days then they have got worse and worse… Well hopefully if you haven’t caught them this time then next time these are things you can check for and rectify to keep your plants healthy and happy… Don’t … Read more

Growing Aerogarden basil : the lowdown

  How to grow basil in the Aerogarden Growing basil (Ocimum basilicum)  in the Aerogarden indoors is one of the first things you should do when you get one of these hydroponic units… The plant germinates very quickly…. Grows extremely fast… And gives back so much…especially if you like basil From the herb kits that … Read more

Where best to grow herbs:indoors or outdoors

You enjoy gardening, but maybe you want to enjoy your herbs all year round. So where best to grow your herbs, indoors or outdoors… Let’s find out shall we…. Your reason to grow herbs You make a conscious decision to grow something, and you take care of it or it will die… So your reason … Read more

Aerogarden Plant Food : Original or Alternative

  The aerogarden series of units come prepacked with seed pod kits and their own brand of plant food. Once this has gone you have several alternatives, in this article i discuss what your options are and what alternatives are out there… What’s in Aerogarden liquid plant food: Aerogarden’s Liquid plant food is a proprietary mix … Read more

How you Can Benefit from An Indoor herb Garden

Growing plants indoors can help you unwind from a stressful day at work, it can give you fresh herbs to cook with, so what else can it do… What are the benefits of an indoor herb garden: The benefits of an indoor herb garden include: Reducing stress Fresh herbs to cook with Easy to maintain Grown … Read more

How many seeds can I plant in an Aerogarden

Although the Aerogarden is a small hydroponics unit, it has a massive power, able to grow 4 times more than its equivalent in soil. The number of seeds you plant per seed pod in an Aerogarden does depend on the size of the seed and plant. For plants like chives you can plant up to … Read more

How much water does an Aerogarden hold

the Aerogarden range of indoor hydroponic units are excellent methods of getting into hydroponics, and they need their water changing frequently – so how much water do you need to get ready for which model, look it up in the table below. How much water does an aerogarden hold – it does depend on the model … Read more

Is the Aerogarden safe: What you Need to Know

The Aerogarden range allow you to easily grow plants on the countertop hydroponically. This involves mixing water, electric, plants and lighting. Find out in this post whether it is safe or not… The Aerogarden range is safe as long as it is used within the operating environment specified in the operating manual. As the units … Read more

Transplanting Your Aerogarden Plants To Soil (With The Least Stress)

Some plants outgrow the Aerogarden system, others are planted to start them off. Follow this guide to help you transplant your Aerogarden plants with the least stress. You can transplant your Aerogarden plants to soil. You need to be careful as they have been in a controlled environment, but with care they can be relocated … Read more