Miracle-gro Aerogarden Farm Xl review : Is this one big enough?


What would it be like to be able to grow tomatoes year round with All can be grown with ethe aerogarden farm xlease.

What would it be like to know what goes into your herbs.

What would it be like to see these plants growing before your eyes.

Well now you can, and you can grow taller.

Introducing the NEW Aerogarden Farm XL

Till now the tallest Aerogarden Farm unit had a growing height of 24 in – the Farm Plus.

Now you have the new (2019) Aerogarden Farm XL – standing 36 inplanted aerogarden farm xl tall in the growing area allowing extra height for those tall vine type crops.

So growing indoors has never been so big in one stylish unit.

This is like having two units in one – and can be programmed that way.

Just image what it will be like to be picking your home grown tomatoes in winter.

Knowing that only natural minerals have gone into them.

I know the feeling every time I pick my chillis, they have been growing now for over 10 years and aren’t stopping yet.

I have been told that tomatoes can last for up to 4 years, but have not grown any inside to prove it, mine are all grown outside in a deep water culture system.

What’s in the unit


The touch screen computer controller guides you to an easy setup of both sides and tells you what is going on and when you need to do things, like replace the nutrient or add water.

The best way for the water is to keep it topped up daily and then you get to check on the plants as well, see how they are doing.

Grow bowls

The grow bowls hold about 2 gallons each so when building, place the unit in its final resting place before filling, although they are removable.

The pumps are quiet and the only sounds you may hear is the trickling of water, which means you should really top them up again.

Topping up is achieved with an easy to open fill cover and a visual fill to here tube shows when you have added enough.

With 12 holes in each side you can grow enough to feed your family and have spare to freeze or give away.

You don’t need to keep every hole filled and you can leave some open to allow for bushier crops.


The full spectrum led lighting panel allow you to grow all year round, they may also help with SAD ( seasonal affectorial disorder) adding more of the spectrum for helping reduce SAD.

The led grow lights are independently adjustable so each side can sit at different levels dependant on the height of the plants – you want to keep the lights between 4-6 in above the top of the plants.

Each led unit is 60w so running cost of this unit are in the order of two units a day while both lights are on.

Seed pods

With the split unit it is easy to replace the seed pods while the other side is still growing, there are now a wide range of kits available or you can grow your own seeds.

The easy to install seed pods are guaranteed to germinate, but from reports a few still don’t and as people say am I really going to complain about one or two seeds not coming up.

This hydroponics unit is ideal for those who want to make a statement of ‘ I want to know what goes into my food’.

It is also ideal for the keen cook who wants their herbs the freshest they can have.

Having grown basil in the past and losing it, I have been told to grow it again!

WIFI app

There is an app which you can download from your app store to keep an eye on what the controller says, but in my opinion if it say the unit needs water then what are you going to do? Panic and get in touch with someone to go round to water it? You are better off checking on the unit when you return and if it needs more nutrient or water then add it then.

These units are a very good introduction into hydroponics.

They are very easy to keep and reduce the potential of soil borne disease and due to the healthy crops reduce airborne pests as well.

Is there anything I think is wrong with the Aerogarden farm XL

From the smallest unit to the largest farm xl unit, I still think that they need to work on a system to empty the grow bowls.

It appears that you are supplied with a tube with the farm, so as far as i can tell you need to lift the grow plate and put the pipe into the spout of the pump, where the aerogarden unit will pump the water out.

But this still leaves what you are going to do with this dripping mass of roots in the meantime.

On the units I have I now pump the water  out and then make up a new mix and pump it back in.

Mine is a hand pump – the bulb type and work quite well for this.

The other thing I would have liked to see on this unit is that the grow bowls start at the top and descend rather than having to crawl around down at the base of the unit.

It will be more complex but nicer for growing lettuce next to tomatoes or cucumber to be able to pick them at the same height.

My verdict

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But overall i would advise this unit for anyone who really wants to have a go at see what the difference in taste is between the mass produces herbs and really fresh home grown.

You won’t go back to buying your herbs and will miss them when you are not growing them.

So if you are ready to see your crops growing and hand pick the freshest tomatoes and herbs then why not read about what others say.

Thanks for reading about the Aerogarden Farm XL.

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