Increase Your Yield With The Aerogarden Be The Bee Pollinator

Growing plants outside you have nature helping you, and helping itself.bee approaching to pollinate

The bees collect the nectar and pollinate the flowers.

Other insects do the same for other flowers.

The wind helps some to distribute the pollen between flowers and different plants.

So when you bring gardening indoors with your Aerogarden what happens.

You try to keep the other part of nature outside.

Bees, flies and other insects are shooed out.

But what about your poor plants – they have itches that need scratching.

So who does that leave – yep…you.

You need to give your indoor plants a hand.


There are three main methods of plant pollination.

1. Air pollination

As the pollen matures within the flower the wind blows the pollen between he flowers on this and other plants, not the most effective pollination method, but one nature has developed over several years and works.

2. Self pollination

Some flowers keep it to themselves.tomato flowers

Both the male and female flowers are grown as one.

Some like the tomato need a little help to getthe pollen from the male to the female – even this close.

So a gust of wind or a knock to the plant will allow the pollen to dust the female parts.

3. Insect pollination

Adding a incentive for types of insect to visit a plant can help to transfer pollen to the insect.

So allowing a bee to sip a little nectar while dusting pollen all over its back, then flying to another flower on the same plant and depositing pollen – and collecting more.butterfly pollinating flower

This symbiotic relationship has developed over the years into a specialized relationship.

Certain insects target certain flowers, if they are not present then the plant goes barren with no pollen being transferred, except for perhaps a bit of wind distributed pollen.

But help is at hand

When plants are on the inside you can become the pollinator.

You can be that specialized insect to transfer the pollen from flower to flower.

You can be that animal that shakes the flower to release the pollen.

You can be the wind that transfers the pollen between flowers.

[cleveryoutube video=”43Rrctk4LgQ” style=”1″ alignment=”center”]


You use the Be the Bee Pollinator from Aerogarden.

It even looks like a bee on the end.

With its gentle silicon brush on the top you can gently transfer pollen from flower to flower.

Give it a buzz to shake the pollen off onto the brush.

Or if the pollen is difficult to get to, as in the case of the tomato.

Fire up the bee and give the flower a little buzz.

The vibrations from the bee when turned on will release the pollen from the male and cover the female.

Do this for each flower and you will have a bumper crop.

[cleveryoutube video=”dYrQs7QSr4Y” style=”1″ afterpic=”” alignment=”center”]

As most indoor systems have removed the environmental conditions ( wind) any air pollination plants need your help to create the maximum crop you deserve after treating the plants with so much care.

aerogarden be the bee pollinator
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So use the bee and the brush to transfer as much pollen from one flower to another, become like the wind.

ir?t=3dprinter06c-20&l=li3&o=1&a=B01D5G88ZEPowered from two AA batteries the pollinator will be the plants best friend or years to come.

The Aerogarden Be the Bee Pollinator is a must have tool for those who care about getting the maximum yield from their crops.

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