Aerogrow Site Hacked : Is Your Data Safe?


There has been a cybersecurity incident at the Aerogrow site.Aerogrow attacked by hackers

Your Payment card information may have been compromised if you used the site over the period from October 29th , 2018 to March 4th 2019.

Malware skimmed details, such as card number, expiration date and the security number entered onto the payment page.

At present it appears no other information has been compromised and te company has taken the necessary steps to secure its system.

In a letter to its customers it has offered a one year free of charge Experian identity protection service to those affected.aerogrow hacked letter

This is the second time this site has been attacked , the first back in 2015 when the malicious code harvested all of the data needed to use the cards fraudulently on the internet.

At that time the malware was on the site unknown for 6 months before action was taken.

Aerogrow join a growing list of sites being attacked, possibly by a group of hackers called Magecart.

They have targeted British airways, Newegg and Ticketmasters.

If they get caught then they just move onto the next target.

The data they harvest being sold on the darkweb.selling information on the darkweb

These skimming groups are getting larger and larger, and more organized.

This makes them very difficult to stop.

At the present time if you want to order Aerogarden products you are better off using another retailer, such as Amazon for security reasons.

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I hope that this second incident will not damage the reputation of Aerogrow and they can rebuild trust in themselves.

I really hope that you have not been affected by this latest breach of security, but if you have let us know what you are doing about it and how you feel about the company.

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