What’s In Your Strawberry ? The Reason You Should Grow Them In Your Aerogarden.

  Why you should grow your own strawberries According to the EWG you really should be growing your own tomatoes, spinach hot peppers and especially strawberries. The strawberries came top in their ‘dirty dozen’ for the most residual pesticides. Strawberry growers ‘sterilize’ the ground by pumping poisonous gas into the ground – removing every weed, pest and other living … Read more

Got an Aerogarden and want to take a vacation? Aerovoir Review


Add the Aerogarden reservoir and know that you can be away for up to two weeks without watering.

Take a break from watering your Aerogarden with an Aerovoir

Once you have started with the Aerogarden you become addicted to it.

Watching your plants growing quickly, using the fresh herbs in your cooking, to the delight of your family – you don’t know what you did without it.

So what do you do when you want a break?

Get the NEW style Aerovoir.

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My Experience with the Aerogarden Classic ( Aerogarden long term review)


My find

I started with the older version of this – why not start your journey now (#ad)

A number of years ago, I forget how many now, I came across theAerogarden 7 pod unit. Now the (#ad)Aerogarden Classic.

I was starting to get into hydroponics and had tried a few systems outdoors and wanted a system for indoor gardening.

I managed to find a cheap one on ebay and bought it.

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Home Battery Backup Power Supply

Why would you need a home battery backup power supply for hydroponics?

Well everything the plants need is run off the mains in most systems.

You have heaters, pumps, timers and sensitive electronics all required to keep your plants alive.

Without electricity for a few hours your plants will suffer and some will never recover.

So how can you reduce the chances of the mains outage disaster?home battery backup power supply- ups

You get yourself a UPS (uninterruptible power supply), a home  battery backup power supply. This device, when the mains decides to disappear will keep your computer alive – preventing a catastrophic crash.

Looking around you will see a whole ream of them – how do you decide which one is suitable.

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