Got an Aerogarden and want to take a vacation? Aerovoir Review

Add the Aerogarden reservoir and know that you can be away for up to two weeks without watering.


Aerogarden bounty
Aerogarden Bounty – click for more information

Once you have started with the Aerogarden you become addicted to it.

Watching your plants growing quickly, using the fresh herbs in your cooking, to the delight of your family – you don’t know what you did without it.

We need a vacation, but we have an Aerogarden

But if you want to get away from it all for a vacation, what then?

You know you check your Aerogarden daily and top it up, so in two weeks- no way will it last.

The guys at Aerogarden know what you are going through and have come up with a solution.

Aerogarden Aerovoir
Aerogarden Aerovoir – click for more information

Fill the bottle and place it in the Aerogarden Aerovoir for up to two weeks of carefree growing.

It’s best not to wait till you are going to get one of these as you will need to set it up and monitor it for a week to see how it gets on.

So a month or so before your vacation, buy your Aerovoir reservoir and try it out on your system.

What is the Aerovoir reservoir

You know those water machines you see – where you place your cup and push a small lever to fill it up, well you may mistake the Aerovoir for one of those – it looks very similar.

The large water bottle attached to the top of the unit is your gardens storage of water.

The base unit feeds this water to your Aerogarden in precise quantities automatically when it needs filling up.

Once setup and bled, the system needs no other maintenance other than keeping an eye on the water level in the bottle.

The water bottle itself is made from BPA free plastic so you don’t need to worry about any health risks from it.

The sturdy base, with its optional extra stand for certain tall models will support the full bottle with no problems.

How to setup the Aerogarden Aerovoir ?

The Aerovoir, once filled with water and placed next to your Aerogarden, will allow you to keep your Aerogarden filled to the ideal level.

It does take a little bit to setup the Aerovoir.

You need to make sure the level of the Aerovoir is set to the same level you need your Aerogarden filled to.

Having it above theis level will probably flood the Aerogarden and empty the Aerovoir.

Setting the level below the Aerogarden will not fill your Aerogarden optimally. but this is better than overfilling or flooding out.

With the level set place the tubing into the Aerogarden reservoir, either on the newer models through a removed rubber plug in the top – or in the older model via the front opening.

Make sure it goes right to the bottom of the bowl.

After inserting the water bottle use the pump to get rid of the air bubbles from the pipe and you are all set.

All you have to do now is wait.

You will hear bubbling sounds as the water empties from the bottle to fill your Aerogarden.

The first time it fills up check on the level it reaches and adjust if you feel that it is too high or low.

Allow the Aerovoir to do the work you used to do every day and see how long the bottle will last.

Now you can go on longer vacations without worry.

Let the Aerogarden Aerovoir make your life easy with longer times between filling up your Aerogarden.

You only need to add water to the Aerovoir bottle, nutrients are replaced at nutrients change time.

I hope you decide to purchase an Aerovoir to allow you to feel safe that your plants are being cared for while you are away, leave a comment in the box below if you have used one of these to make your life easier.

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