How much water does an Aerogarden hold

the Aerogarden range of indoor hydroponic units are excellent methods of getting into hydroponics, and they need their water changing frequently – so how much water do you need to get ready for which model, look it up in the table below. How much water does an aerogarden hold – it does depend on the model … Read more

Got an Aerogarden and want to take a vacation? Aerovoir Review


Add the Aerogarden reservoir and know that you can be away for up to two weeks without watering.

Take a break from watering your Aerogarden with an Aerovoir

Once you have started with the Aerogarden you become addicted to it.

Watching your plants growing quickly, using the fresh herbs in your cooking, to the delight of your family – you don’t know what you did without it.

So what do you do when you want a break?

Get the NEW style Aerovoir.

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