Dramatic increases of out of season food prices


What started it?food price hike

Due to unseasonal weather in the regions we rely upon in the winter to grow our out of season vegetable crops, like cucumbers, lettuce and kale. We can expect price hikes within the UK during 2017. This will continue until the next regions crops are ready.

What can you do?food prices

With this in mind why not think about growing your own and save money. You can grow these crops within your house all year round.

You could have tomatoes growing up the wall, these plants can grow for up to four years!!

you could have cucumbers growing on the sideboard.food price hike salad

Growing lettuces in the kitchen window will allow them to be within easy reach anytime.

So start now before the price hikes kick in, you know with this news that the supermarkets will use this as an excuse to increase your prices immediately.

There is a tale of courgettes prices increasing from £6 per box to over £20 per box, so you can imagine what the supermarkets will do…

Start today with an aerogarden, a self contained, stylish, long lasting hydroponics unit suitable for anywhere within the house.

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These units are suitable for tomatoes, salad crops, or herbs.

Within 30 days you will be enjoying the fresh taste of home grown nutritious salad leaves.

If the aerogarden is not for you then try the Garland micro grow.

Either of these units will give you crop after crop to feed your family.

What are you going to grow? Leave a comment in the box below. Will you decide to save money now?

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I have been growing plants hydroponically since 2009. For years before that i was reading books and looking at systems and saying ...no way...
But once i had taken the plunge with the tomatoes outside, then there was no stopping me.
I tried out most of the systems and started to refine them, getting the plants to grow more efficiently.
Now I am more interested in indoor hydroponics and the challenges it presents. Being able to control the environment, feeding the correct nutrients and giving the correct length and type of lighting....

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